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Jungle Villa - Availability and Rates

    Below you find our adjusted rates for the 2014-2015-2016 season
To make it financially possible for everyone to stay in a beautiful villa surrounded by tropical rain forest, we introduced rental rates for part of the villa. No more need to rent more than you want.   If you ever wanted to stay in a tropical paradise with your friends or family, this is your opportunity!

Why do we rent our 2 units separately too?
For many years we only rented our 2 rental units together for around double the prices you see now on this page.
These rates were great for groups of 12 to 17 people, but too expensive for smaller groups of 4 to 8 people.
Basically on request of guests who initially stayed in our villa with a big group, and wanted to return to the villa with their own (smaller) family, we decided to rent the 2 units separately too.

Unlike other villas in our area, 75% of our villa's large space is living area, kitchen and terraces with 40 seats.   Combined with different schedules of the maximum 2 parties who can stay in the villa simultaneously, each party has sufficient privacy if they want.
We rent the 2 units separately for some time now and the results are great.   Our guests love it.
After all their common love for nature, animals and Costa Rica brings them together !!
Big groups can still rent the 2 units together and small groups can now afford and enjoy our beautiful villa too.
Jungle Villa - Our 2 rental units: both have the same price, see below
Guests of each unit have full access to the living area, kitchen, 3 pools, pool area, tv corner and 5 terraces
Total seating capacity of living area, terraces, kitchen bar, dining area: 40 seats.   Pool area: ca. 20 seats.
1.   UPPER-LEVEL MASTER BEDROOM:   1 bedroom with 4 beds, 1 bathroom     Description   -   Photos of Bedrooms
Maximum sleeping capacity: 6 persons.     Total size: 580 square feet
Beds:   1 kingsize bed, 1 double bed and 2 single beds
Location:   Same floor as the entrance, kitchen, TV corner and all terraces
Availability of the Upper-level Master Bedroom:
2.   LOWER-LEVEL FLOOR:   3 bedrooms with 6 beds, 3 bathrooms     Description   -   Photos of Bedrooms
Maximum sleeping capacity: 11 persons.     Total size: 1050 square feet
Beds:   2 kingsize beds, 2 double beds and 1 bunk bed (bottom: double bed, top: single bed)
Location:   Same level as our lowest and biggest pool
Availability of the lower-level floor:

Jungle Villa - Rates for EACH of our 2 rental units:
Rates in US dollars
EXCL. 13% taxes
Price per
Price per
Price per
Minimum number
of nights to pay:
Season Name:
16 April - 30 June
16 August - 15 November
$129 $825 $3150 2 nights Low
16 November - 18 December $149 $995 $3650 3 nights
Thanksgiving: 5 nights
01 January - 31 January
01 March - 31 March
01 July - 15 August
$179 $1125 $4350 5 nights High
01 February - 29 February
01 April - 15 April
$199 $1250 $4850 5 nights High
Feb, Easter
19 December - 25 December 2015
Checkin: Sat.19Dec2015
Checkout: Sat.26Dec2015
$399 $2195
7 Nights
n.a. Minimum 5 nights Christmas
26 December - 01 January 2016
Checkin: Sat.26Dec.2015
Checkout: Sat.02Jan.2016
$549 $2595
7 Nights
n.a. Minimum 5 nights New Year's
      Our rates are subject to change without any prior notice, and are guaranteed once a 50% deposit is paid.
      ~ Payments and Cancellations
50% deposit is required at the moment of booking; 50% balance payment 60 days before arrival.

Cancellations made 60 days or more prior to arrival may be applied to an alternate booking date.
Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to arrival will result in complete loss of deposit, unless
part or all of the dates can be rented to another party by management or by yourself.

      ~ Room description (Each bedroom has its own bathroom)
  UPPER-LEVEL MASTER BEDROOM, 580 square feet   -   Maximum sleeping capacity: 6 persons  
This room is on the same floor as the entrance, kitchen, TV corner and all terraces
Room 1 One King size bed, One double bed plus two single beds   (Master bedroom upper level, 580 square feet)
              Maximum sleeping capacity: 6     (Recommended maximum sleeping capacity: 4)
Room 2 Caretaker Room (Only for rent by groups who rent both units: Price on request, 1 week minimum)

  LOWER-LEVEL FLOOR, 1050 square feet   -   Maximum sleeping capacity: 11 persons  
The lower-level floor is the most quiet place to sleep in our villa.   It's at the same level as our lowest and biggest pool.
Room 3 One King size bed plus two double beds   (Master bedroom lower level, 600 square feet)
              Maximum sleeping capacity: 6     (Recommended maximum sleeping capacity: 4)
Room 4 One double King size bed
              Maximum sleeping capacity: 2     (Recommended maximum sleeping capacity: 2)
Room 5 One bunk bed with one double bed (bottom) and one single bed (top)   Great for children!
              Maximum sleeping capacity: 3     (Recommended maximum sleeping capacity: 2)

King size beds are 80 inch long x 80 inch wide
Double beds are 76 inch long x 56 inch wide
Single beds are 76 inch long x 40 inch wide
In addition a single-person mattress PLUS a rollaway crib (52 x 28 inch) are available.

View of the lower-level Jungle Suite
The Jungle Suite has one large master bedroom, two small bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.   The distance between ceiling and floor is here 2.3 meters (7.5 feet).   Just in case you are very tall !!

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