IMPORTANT:   Please read the text below very carefully.   The text is written by the villa owners and by other guests (reviews).   The Jungle Villa is a unique, one-of-a-kind property and not the standard vacation villa.
It's in everybody's interest our guests appreciate the unique, comfortable and relaxed lifestyle in the Jungle Villa
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The Jungle Villa: A great place to enjoy nature!
If you visit Costa Rica for its nature and animals, you will be missing out on a great experience by not staying here
  A very private villa in Manuel Antonio with ocean and jungle view, visiting monkeys, 3 pools, airco, wifi, cable tv, 4 rooms, 2 staff
  Paradise resort in the heart of Manuel Antonio where Ocean, Jungle and Western comfort meet.
  Truly the Pearl of Manuel Antonio
  This villa is set in 2.3 private acres of lush tropical rain forest which surrounds the villa completely, giving total privacy to you and your guests.
  The only way in and out the villa is a 250-feet long jungle bridge that connects the house with the rest of civilization.
  Under the huge 5500-square-feet roof you find a big open-air living space and bedrooms (with airco and locks).   The open-air living space has a kitchen, living room, bar, dining area, tv room and terraces.   From here you have an unobstructed view of nature: no windows, no doors, no walls, no airco
  We warn you when we say nature lovers: we mean it.     This is not the typical vacation villa where you will find all luxury amenities, over cleaned and free of all living animals and insects.
  Whenever our villa is visited by animals or insects we don't want inside, our staff will place them back in the jungle outside.   If the animals don't bother anyone we leave them alone.   Here you definitely live in harmony with nature
The Jungle Villa is the perfect place if

  You love nature, you like to wake up with the sound of the monkeys in the trees around the house and with the smell of fresh coffee.   You like to hear the sound of the jungle and its many inhabitants.

  You don't mind when a monkey wakes you up at 5am sometimes;   You have learned to appreciate most creatures on this planet and you feel sorry that every day some species disappear from this earth.

  It's not the first time you leave your home state and you don't start screaming when you see an oversized, innocent bug or insect.

The Jungle Villa is not the perfect place if

  You want to stay in an all-airco, white-painted 'Palm Beach' type villa with marble bathrooms and modern designed furniture in the middle of the jungle.

  You want the luxury of a 5-star hotel in a unique location like the Jungle Villa.   We can tell you right now: this doesn't exist; nowhere on Planet Earth.

  You are unhappy or upset when everything not always works like you want it to work, please don't visit the jungle villa and Costa Rica: Your vacation may become a disappointment.
What to expect in the Jungle Villa?
  The Jungle Villa is completely surrounded by real, all-natural tropical rain forest.   There are no windows or walls between the jungle and the villa's living area.
All bedrooms have walls, air-conditioning, locks and screen windows which can be opened for fresh oxygen and stop insects from coming in.   Bedrooms are protected against direct sunlight by the surrounding trees which keeps rooms cool without the use of air-conditioning.
Our jungle is not landscaped and has real trees with real leaves, real palms, real bush and real animals.   We let the jungle grow the natural way.

  Our animals don't come every 15 minutes to the villa to give a show.   They come and visit the villa at the times and places they choose and select.

  Carpets are great for New York hotel rooms but not for the Jungle Villa.   The Jungle Villa requires robust, weatherproof furniture and decoration.   The burning sun, the 90% humidity, the heavy rains (on average 1 - 2 hours a day in May thru November), the openness of our villa and the sea breeze limit the choice of furniture and appliances.   Coffee makers, microwaves, fans, computers and other electronics only last 1 to 2 years in these tropical weather conditions

  We cannot and don't want to control our natural environment.   If it heavily rains around the villa you smell the wet soil in the villa and leaves will fall in and around the pool area.

  Most hours of the day a refreshing ocean breeze is coming thru the villa's living area, so sometimes you see a little moisture or jungle dust.   The villa is very comfortable in a very unique location.

  The jungle villa is located in the tropical part of Costa Rica and wherever you look you will see it.   To blend the villa with its surroundings, walls, rooms, doors and floors are decorated in natural colors: green and brown.

This is the only villa in Manuel Antonio with 2 full-time staff members in daytime to maintain the villa and pool area and to keep it clean.   If you love pure nature, this villa is the perfect place for you.   You will never live and sleep closer to Mother Nature than in the great Jungle Villa.
Questions and comments
Sometimes we receive questions and comments which show some people don't realize they travel to a villa in the real jungle in Costa Rica with a different climate, lifestyle and culture.
Read below these most frequently asked questions with our replies.

  1.   Your jungle is NOT landscaped.
  WRONG.   Our jungle is landscaped by Mother Nature herself, not by humans!

  2.   I would much rather see a few monkeys in the trees and a few coming down to the villa
  SORRY.   Monkeys coming to the villa are not trained and live in the wild.   It's impossible for the villa's staff to tell half the monkeys to stay in the trees, and to tell the other half to come down to the villa for our guests.   Our monkeys simply don't listen :-(

  3.   There are leaves in your pool.
  TRUE.   As you can see on our page with photos and videos, our pools are almost completely surrounded by huge (palm) trees, up to 150 feet tall, which all have green leaves all year round.   And the earth's gravity drops dead leaves in the pool.   Leaves are removed twice a day from the pool, not every 10 minutes.

  4.   The concrete path around your pool has cracks all over.
  WRONG.   Jungle and concrete don't like each other at all.   What you call a concrete path with cracks is in reality a path of natural stones with each stone having a different, unique shape and size.

  5.   The windows in your bedrooms cannot be opened.
  WRONG.   Look again on our page with photos and videos and you will see that every bedroom has windows which can be opened for fresh air and a cool breeze.

  6.   I saw an animal inside the villa.
  TRUE.   Sometimes animals behave like humans.   They take a wrong exit and end up in the wrong place.   Just tell our staff and they will place the animal back in the jungle where they belong.   Just don't forget to make a nice picture of the animal.

  7.   I hear there are frogs in and around your pools at night.
  TRUE.   The live concerts by our frogs at night are one of the greatest treasures of the jungle villa and rarely heard at other places in Manuel Antonio.   It's absolutely forbidden to touch, move, chase or harass our frogs.
Please respect our frogs and don't make pictures of them.   Your flash light will hurt the eyes of these night animals.
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